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 tai lieu on thi mon Anh de!!!

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Tổng số bài gửi : 33
Age : 27
Nơi ở : HCMC
Nghề : student
Sở thích : very famous
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Registration date : 13/01/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: tai lieu on thi mon Anh de!!!   Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:17 pm

I. Either or Neither:
• Neither Bill nor Mary (is/ are) going to the play tonight.
• Either John or his wife (make/ makes) breakfast each morning.
• Neither Jill nor her parents (has/ have) seen this movie before.
• Either Tim or his friends (have/ has) a job.
• Tom will go home after work or he can go to the pub.
Tom either
• He doesn't like smoking and drinking alcohol.
He neither
• Tim won't be at the meeting. Neither will Sheila.

• You can choose to have lemonade or you can try some orange juice.

• She doesn't like John. John doesn't, either.
They neither
• You can take the bus or you can go on foot.

• They neither go home by cars.
They both don't
• You can either eat or drink
• You must neither tell nor say a word about this secret.

• They can either choose to visit Paris or go on a cruise to the Mediterranean.

• They neither look up to their father.
Neither the boy nor the girl
They both
• Tom either goes by train to Jasmine's house or by boat.
II. If- sentences and other types of sentences:
• You go out or I'll call the police.
• He wishes he could be an astronaut.
If only
• The heavy rain prevented the football match from continuing.
It was the heavy rain
• It was the boy that the police can draw the murderer's appearance by now.
The boy described the
• If I were you, I would go to the doctor.
• Were I to know the truth, things would be better.

III. Clause  phrase and phrase  clause:
• In spite of the heavy rain, the match went on.
• His disabilities didn't prevent him from enjoying life.
Even though
• He is very rich but very lonely.
• The snowstorm was to strong. They still managed to get there on time.
• Although we warned, they still went out without a gun.
• In spite of the difficulties, they still finished the task on time.

• However strong the enemy could be, they still have some disadvantages.

• Beautiful as the girl can be, she rather shows off.

IV. Not only …but also and both… and clauses:
• He speaks both German and English.

• She said she would come and buy some flowers.
She not only
Not only
• He is very enthusiastic and devoted.

• John likes to have some drink. So does Tim.
Both John and Tim

• Sheila is good at math. She is also good at physics.

• Time is both precious and fast.
Time is
Not only
• Not only does she have to water the garden, she also has to collect the eggs.
She both
• She plays the guitar both emotionally and professionally.
Not only
She plays the guitar
She not only
• Tim likes not only Shakespeare but also Hemmingway.
Tim both
Not only
V. Tenses:
• Before she went out, she turned off the lights. (after)
• She has never been to a beach. (first)
• I didn't have my hair cut for 2 months. (last)
• He ate dinner. They suddenly broke in. (when)
• After having a shower, she went to bed. (before)
• He had left when she came. (before, after)
• He washed the dishes. It started to rain. (when, while)
• Tim has never visited his hometown. (first)
• I last saw her a fortnight ago. (2 weeks)
• She had finished dinner when he came home. (after, before)
• Shin's 14th birthday is next week. (will)
• I walked. It started to snow. (when, while)

VI. Adjectives and related clauses:
• She weighs 42 kilograms. He weighs 62. (fat)
• This is the best player in our club. (no one, every)
• The mangoes are very sour. We can't eat them. (so, such)
• This plan was not possible. It was not applied into reality.
• The success of Gagarin's flight was so fantastic that many countries congratulated him. (such)
• She is the most beautiful girl that I've met. (yet, no girl, every girl)
• Shakespeare is the most talented writer of all times. (no one)
• The soup was too salty. We could just pick at it.
 for us to eat.
• The children are so naughty. They messed the room up and frightened the guest. (so, such)
• The dog is so fierce that nobody wants to go there.
They had

VII. Advanced exercises:
• He has been to Paris twice. He loves Paris so much.
• Helen is the best tennis player in the club. à No one __________.
• “If I were you, I’d go in for the competition”, Tom said to Paul. à Tom advised ________________.
• He heard the news after every one else did. à He ________.
• The people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting wet.
• The children who attend that school receive a good education.
• They live in a house which was built in 1980.
• Although they got stuck in the rain, they arrived on time. à despite _____________________.
• If it hadn’t been for him, we would have lost. à Had_______.
• The train was late. The train travels from London to Brighton. There was a heavy snowstorm. à Due to ________________.
VIII. Extra exercises:
• He was the last who reached the top. 
• The boy who sits on the bench is my son. 
• The plan which was organized by Kim was put down. 
• He has been to the new cinema twice. He likes it a lot. 
• She was 56 when she got a driving license.  It was not until
• Although there was a heavy rain, they managed to get here on time.  In spite of
• The doctor said to me: "You should take a holiday." The doctor advised
• She was the first person who finished the test. 
• They are the best team. No team
• In spite of the heat, they still managed to have a nap. Although
• The woman talking to the small boy is a businesswoman. 
• "The reason why I don't tell you is that you can't keep a secret."I said that
• The woman is a beauty. She wears a blue jacket.  The woman
• They are the students of that school. They are wearing strange uniforms. 

AnH +)o^.I vIe^N tHu?'C gIa^C'
ThA^y' QuA^n` +)a^U mA^t' Ro^I`
AnH tHa^Y' pAc' Va^N~ tHu?C'
AnH nGhI nGhO?` pAc' La^y'

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: tai lieu on thi mon Anh de!!!   Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:56 pm

hjz nhjn` nhu*'x a^`u nha('M
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tai lieu on thi mon Anh de!!!
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